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The Foundations of Health

Mind-Body-MouthFoundations of Health


The human body is a very sophisticated machine of interconnected parts and systems. This seminar is designed to outline the multiple functions of the human body and what it requires to remain optimal. The presenters first touch on everyday events that effect the mechanics of the body through compensation. Secondly, what do we need to do in order to minimize this natural adaptation to stress and trauma.  Lastly, very simple tips are given to help each individual overcome common pains and discomfort on their own.


The human mind is one of the most amazing gifts to mankind. We are only scratching the surface of knowledge with regards to its true potential. In this seminar we discuss the effects of our daily thought processes on our physical being and our reality. We give specific examples of negative thought process and its impact on our health and happiness. An easy to follow game plan is then discussed to integrate better thought patterns into our daily routines to optimize our desired outcomes.

“Fear does not prevent death, it prevents life” – Naguib Mahfouz


The mass of the population is addicted to processed foods that are making them very sick. We live in the most technologically advanced societies, yet we are amongst the sickest population in the WORLD! Its time to wake up and be responsible for what we are eating and feeding our children. This seminar discusses the impact of inflammatory foods on the body. It also mentions some of the top toxic elements to avoid in our diets. Easy to follow guidelines are provided to help individuals make better food choices to help optimize their health and the health of their loved ones.