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It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I offer this testimonial for the life-changing help that I received from Kevin Langpre over the last few years. Thanks to Kevin, I am feeling better than I have in a long time. ​​ In addition to his expertise in osteopathy (second to none), his knowledge and ​his recommendations re avoiding certain foods to prevent stomach issues have ​all resulted in a healthier 'me'. ​ I am always awestruck at how, through his examination and testing methodologies, he has been able to pinpoint causes of my symptoms and work successfully to improve my overall well-being. ​I am so thankful that I heard of him so many years ago and wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone with an illness or physical issue that has eluded other medical specialists.

- Shelley Paris


I first met Jason in 2009 when my shoulder dislocation wasn't healing well, and have been going back regularly ever since, whether "just" for maintenance or to fix different "mechanical" problems I seem to be prone to. Jason and his colleagues are amazing at figuring out (and resolving and explaining!) the *causes* behind imbalances and pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. I love the logical explanations almost as much as I love feeling better after my visit. My four family members tend to be a little less "proactive" (meaning they don't go as regularly) - but each of them has also been treated at different times, by different people, at Vitality. It's such a privilege having this amazing team of unhurried professionals right in our own neighbourhood - we're always so well taken care of, and I couldn't recommend this place more highly.

- Maren Gube


On December 10th 2015, I fractured two vertebrae in my neck in a hockey accident. I was then confined to a neck brace for 4 months. As I had minimal movement of my head over that period, scar tissue built up around the area. After my brace was removed, I reached out to Vitality and set up weekly treatments with Sean Landry. When I met with Sean for the first time, we reviewed my x-rays and he gave me a full assessment of my condition. At that point, I could rotate my head approximately 10 degrees. From the first treatment I immediately noticed an improvement. Sean's professionalism and demeanor put me at ease as I was quite nervous when he adjusted vertebrae near the initial fracture. I continue to improve, regain mobility and with Sean's help I expect to make a full recovery. I really appreciate all the help Sean and Vitality have given me since my injury and I would recommend them to everyone I know.

- David M.


I’m very pleased with the services of Matt, Jason, Valérie and Jean-Baptiste who are very thorough and knowledgeable with the treatment of whatever ails me. They are good listeners and attentive to my needs. Their approach and techniques are innovative and quite effective. In addition, Stephanie is very helpful and will go the extra mile to serve you. They have great chemistry and work very well as a team. Long life to Vitality Multitherapy clinic!

- Filippo C.


This is for the Vitality Multitherapy clinic Valentine's Day contest. I've already written a review, so here's my post: best therapists ever! They manage to keep me injury-free so that I can continue my monkey business.

- Anna Von Hoyningen Huene


I have been a client of Vitality Multitherapy Clinic for a few years now and they have been nothing short of wonderful in taking care of me every time I get treated. Vitality Love to Kevin, Stephanie, Catherine and Valerie and the rest of the team!

- Angelo Pace


My husband and I have been Vitality clients for several years. Kevin is our physician, as we see him quarterly. Lately, I have also been a massage client of Lindsay. She is fabulous. We are believers, in the practice and always appreciate Stefanie and her professional approach. We always refer, because we believe and appreciate.

- Maria Pak 


You don’t have to twist my arm (cause then you’ll have to fix it) to write an ode to Vitality Multitherapy clinic. They are a young and dynamic staff who complement one another in their different areas of expertise. Jason Turnbull, Jean-Baptiste Dumoulin and Valérie Parent-Houle are my caretakers and are all very efficient in fixing my “booboos”. Stephanie Gafoor is very knowledgeable and an asset to the clinic. It’s refreshing to deal with an energetic group of individuals who are genuinely interested in taking care of business.

-Teresa M.


I love going to vitality because as soon as I enter, there is a beautiful smiling face. The space is comfortable fresh and Zen. I have been to see four different specialists and every single time have been very pleased with the results. Whether it's an emergency or an appointment that I had ahead of time, every experience is great. It's always been extremely important for me to have optimal body health and I feel that at Vitality they care.

- Jennifer Lynn Walker


My life wouldn't be the same without Vitality's Sean Landry. Without him I wouldn't stand up straight and my muscles would never relax. Oh how many times have I said: I'm broken, fix me please! And he does!

Stephanie is the glue that keeps it all running smoothly. She is a gem and a sweetie.

The entire staff is wonderful and caring and I strongly recommend Vitality to all.

- Genevieve


There was never a hesitation to seek the help of a physiotherapist whenever I needed it but nowhere did I ever find the personal service that Valerie offers.

I was very impressed with Valerie when I first met here at Vitalite.   Her personal service, knowledge, and patience are commendable.  I really appreciate the way she explains what is happening and her hands-on therapy as there are no machines involved in her treatments.

Again, Valerie is very professional and personable and I give her my highest recommendation.

- Ada Beaudoin


I approached Alyssa to see if she would be able to help solve my back/shoulder ailments. I was initially impressed with Alyssa’s professionalism and calm demeanor; over our sessions I have become even more impressed with how she is able to find the perfect spots to relieve my pain.  It is evident that she has a desire to find solutions that work for her patients.

Furthermore, her background in massage therapy along with her ongoing studies in Osteopathy, are a great combination that produce concrete results.   Since I have been meeting with Alyssa my back is as loose and pain free as it has been in years.  I would unequivocally recommend Alyssa for any problem.

- Joseph Ferlaino


I’ve been a client of Valerie’s since 2014. Having torn my left ACL in 1999 at the age of 17, physiotherapy has been an important element in maintaining an active lifestyle into my adult life.

My ACL tear as a teenager and enthusiasm for endurance sports has made me injury prone, often requiring the help physiotherapists over the past 15 years. Valerie is the most competent and efficient professional I have worked with to date.

Detail oriented and thorough, Valerie took the necessary time to ensure a proper diagnosis of my injury in 2014. Once the root causes were identified, a comprehensive treatment plan was successfully executed over time. Valerie is methodical, intelligent, hardworking and caring, going above and beyond in her treatment and prevention of injuries.

- Marc Hétu


From my very first visit to the Vitality Multitherapy Clinic, I was struck by how professional, courteous, respectful and welcoming the entire staff is.

Given the nature of my injuries, I was referred to Kevin Longpre, Osteopath, Athletic Therapist and co-owner of the Vitality Multitherapy Clinic. Kevin is one of those rare people able to give me hope for an improved quality of life. Despite a long list of injuries, including a severe concussion, stemming from two car accidents and a sports mishap, Kevin has restored my confidence in a healthy and pain-free future. I knew I could count on his scientific knowledge, especially about concussions, in addition to his broad clinical experience. Kevin is excellent in his osteopathic approach, is a truly good person who wants to move things forward, and is very attentive to his patients.

I am extremely grateful to have been referred to the Clinic and to have Kevin as an osteopath! Without his care, I would be far behind where I am today! I continue to follow his thoughtful advice on healthy living and feel that I am continuing to progress. I recommend to anyone who wants to feel better and live better to go and see Kevin. Personally, I view my visits to the clinic as an investment in my overall health and well-being.

- Katia Lebel


Having suffered with lower back pain for 27 years my active life seemed to be on a steep decline. Over the years I tried chiropractors, acupuncturists, drugs, exercise, nothing worked.

A friend swore by Vitality telling me of the wonders of the Osteopath. Never heard of an osteopath couldn’t spell it!

After just 2 sessions with Laurent(this is not an infomercial, just two 1 hour sessions!) I started doing things I couldn’t do consistently for years. Crazy things like running down a fly ball in softball, no pain with each step, playing 18 holes of golf, without pills, without pain.

I strongly recommend the services of the wonderful therapists at Vitality, they saved my summer!

- Andy Sher