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November or Movember?

Every women’s favorite time of year

Jason Mid Movember

Jason Turnbull, Osteopath/Supporter of Men’s Health – First time grower of the “Mo”.

Yep, that’s right… It’s Movember.

For those of you “not in the know”, Movember was founded in Australia and New Zealand in 2004, before expanding into several other countries including Canada in 2007, whereby men around the world grow out their moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and other male cancer initiatives.

In 2012, some of the proceeds raised will be issued to men’s mental health initiatives as well.

The Movember cause encourages men to get an annual check-up, to be more aware of their family history of cancer and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In 2011 over 854, 000 people around the globe participated in the month long event and to date has raised 125.7 million dollars (CAD). Canadians are the largest contributors to the Movember cause of any nation. Last year the Canadian campaign raised $41.9 million, with 89.6% of the proceeds going directly to men’s health programs.

Our take on Movember

Sean Mid Movember

Dr. Sean Landry, Chiropractor/Supporter of Men’s Health – 3rd time Movember Participant.

Although we are getting a late start and are therefore ineligible to join the Movember and sons website event, the team here at Vitality Multitherapy Clinic will join the cause in spirit (by answering questions from mystified individuals as to why we are growing our ridiculous looking moustaches) to do our part in raising awareness for men’s health.

We here at VMC will be donating to the cause and encourage you to do the same if possible, but more importantly- if you are a man reading this (or are next to one), put the responsibility of your health into your own hands, get informed and see your physician for an annual check-up.

Early detection is and always will be a major component in your long term health along with choosing a lifestyle that optimizes your well being.

Educational Seminars

This is something we at VMC firmly believe in and will be conducting educational seminars on how to increase your capacity to achieve optimal health, called the “Foundations of Health”.

The Foundations are broken down into 3 areas: mind, body and mouth (food)- of which we will discuss various concepts that are easy to implement into your daily life. The topics have been thoroughly examined using all available literature in order to provide clarification to all the confusing theories and mis-information bombarding your brain on a daily basis. Together we will work towards improving your health.

Movember VMC Contest and Wrap up

Kevin Mid Movember

Kevin Longpré, Osteopath/Supporter of Men’s Health – Born with a “Mo”.

We will update the website with pictures on our current state of moustache growth and hope you are confident enough to send us a picture of your own “mo” to be entered in our “moustache of the month” contest.

At the end of Movember pictures of participating men and their moustaches will be placed on the website and voted on by you. All who partake by either voting or submitting their moustache pictures will have an equal chance at winning their choice of a complimentary 1 HR Swedish massage or a 3 pack Yoga session here at Vitality Multitherapy Clinic.

To summarize… grow em out, trim em up and let your “mo” see the light of day to help increase awareness of men’s health issues. Heck it’s only for a month.