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Is The Pain All In Your Head?

The human body is a very interesting machine, made up of a multitude of interconnecting parts. Here at Vitality we make it a point to explain the “ROOT CAUSE” of why something has broken down and pain has reared its ugly head. The ultimate thrill of my job is figuring out that puzzle of why someone is in pain.

The goal as an Osteopath is to assess the areas of “RESISTANCE” in the body that are contributing to the stagnation of the body. Where it gets interesting is that more often than not the resistance is in the mind. Unresolved emotion and resistance to change are very common stressors to the human body.

When a patient’s pain is related to an emotional issue I am very careful to take the time to explain that there pain is real but the cause is coming from something other than just a physical misalignment.

The chart below lists a few examples of the connection between emotion and our organs.





Gall Bladder





Inability to let go of something


A very common example I give patients is the relationship between the small intestine and the brain. You ever notice when you get nervous that your abdominal area around the belly button get all knotted up. There is a direct neurological link between the small intestine and the brain, this is why they call it the second brain.

The world has become a very fast paced place thereby increasing the levels of stress for the majority of the population. There has been an enormous increase in awareness with reference to the mind/body connection and more specifically the enormous intelligence found within the human heart. Like most of us when our emotions get the better of us we don’t feel so great and we often say things we don’t really mean or act in ways we regret. These reactions come from our preexisting belief systems, life experiences and genetic baggage from our lineage. I find the most important element to explain to patients is to not get stuck in their head, as Tony Robbins says “if you’re in your head you’re dead”. The way I explain it to patients is the mind is our computer, it is there to help us but is not who we really are. The true connection to who we really are is through the heart. So then, the big question is how do I get in touch with my heart? There are many techniques to help us get more connected to this space, such as meditation and yoga, but ultimately we want to start defining who we really are.

The body will always give us signs of when we are deviating from our path and doing things that aren’t feeding who we really are and what we really want to accomplish in life. You would be amazed at how much more relaxed your nervous system behaves when it knows you are finally listening to your true self and following your heart.

A simple exercise would be to start writing down how you talk to yourself, your inner voice. You would be surprised how many people comeback to me saying they speak horribly to themselves. So now that our internal dialogue has been exposed we can be more conscious about how we speak to ourselves on a regular basis. Start to write down ideas that revolve around you being more happy, fulfilled and energized.

Keep your eyes open for the next series of Vitality blogs on optimizing the mind body connection.

Kevin Longpré