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How Much Can Stress Affect Your Pain?

November 21st at 7pm


A common complaint we hear at Vitality is someone feeling exhausted and sore on a regular basis. Even if that person goes to bed early and does regular exercise, the symptoms never go away. 


If this sounds familiar, join Dr. Yacine Chikh and Kevin Longpré on November 21st at Vitality Multitherapy Clinic.


At this seminar, you’ll discover:

* How stress impacts the body *

* The effects of stress on the mind *

* Easy solutions to help improve your ability to withstand stress *

* How to help your body recover from chronic fatigue *

* How to decrease the quantity of discomfort in your body *


Reserve your spot by calling us at 514-505-1774 or emailing info@vitalitytherapy.ca




Dr. Yacine Chikh – Chiropractor

He gives great importance to the improvement of his patients’ lifestyle so that they may eventually lead a life that is healthy, dynamic, and more importantly, a life without pain.  In addition to chiropractic, Dr Yacine Chikh also practices Applied Kinesiology. This global therapeutic approach takes into account the interaction between the different systems of the human body.




Kevin Longpré – Osteopath

As an Osteopath we are always looking to rid the body of barriers that are preventing the natural healing process of the body. Kevin treats patients for various conditions such as sport injuries, back pain, concussions, digestive problems, and much more.


Embody Information Session

December 5th at 7pm



Stress impacts all our systems – muskoskeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory… in other words – everything! Our racing minds only increase stress and anxiety, the physical sensations of which are most often expressed as pain, inflammation and fatigue.


Step 1- Breath mindfully – learn about the power of your breath and how to harness this powerful energy.

Step 2- Move with awareness – how to understand your body’s signals and interpret physical reactions.

Step 3- Meditate to rebalance –re-evaluate repetitive thought patterns and learn how to watch thoughts rather than constantly reacting to each one.

Reserve your spot by calling Amy at 514-502-2218.



Amy Samsonovitch

Amy holds an undergraduate degree in Applied Human Sciences from Concordia University. Her passion for wellness has led her to become a certified personal trainer, a yoga instructor and Amy is currently pursuing courses thru Mindfulness Based Training.  Having suffered two concussions while snowboarding, Embody has become a personal and passionate priority for Amy. Her experience with post- concussion syndrome motivated her to research alternative means of healing which led to the methodology of Embody. With that knowledge, she embraces the journey in helping others re-gain their quality of life. She is happily married to Joel Stutman and together they have three children; Emma, Tali and Jordan.