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Can an Osteopath Help with Digestive Issues?

Can an Osteopath Help with Digestive Issues?

I have many patients come into my office and notice the diploma on my wall that mentions my thesis on constipation.  People don’t usually correlate osteopathy with helping digestive issues, but we actually can.

An osteopath can help people with several different ailments, which include digestive dysfunctions.  These can be anything from constipation, to diarrhea, to IBS to gastric reflux.  As well as their symptoms of bloating and cramping. It’s very important to delineate that we don’t treat the disorders themselves, but what we do as osteopaths is treat people who suffer from these dysfunctions. 

How does it work?

We treat them just like we treat every issue in every patient that comes into our office. We look at their whole body and evaluate how it’s moving and how it’s not moving in certain areas and then we come up with a plan to help them. 

With digestive disorders, there are particular zones in the body that do need some greater attention; these would include the nervous system. The supply of nerves from the T5 to L2 vertebrae help the nervous distribution to the organs of digestion as well as the parasympathetic system from the head to the sacrum. 

We would also look at the organs of digestion and their positioning.  We are able to feel the mobility of the organs, their functioning, as well as the blood flow to and from these structures.  This is all in an effort to optimize the environment for the body to take over and auto regulate itself like it normally would.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms or disorders we mentioned above, I would recommend you see an osteopath and get an assessment to see if your body could benefit from this type of treatment.


Jason Turnbull D.O.

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