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Welcome to Vitality

Vitality Therapy provides a unique approach to healing the human body. Our objectives are to address the root causes of pain and not just the symptoms. Our qualified staff includes medical professionals that work together to provide the most appropriate rehabilitation methods for each individual patient.

3 Exercises for Your Core

Having a strong core is something a lot of my clients want to have. However, very often, core stabilization is mistaken for abdominal strengthening. There is an important distinction to make: Abdominal strengthening refers to exercises that work on your “ripped abs” look, such as crunches and sit ups. Core…

Preventative Osteopathy

At the moment, most people consult an osteopath for curative reasons, in order to rid themselves of problems such as musculoskeletal, digestive, cranial, trauma or nerve issues… However, the main objective of osteopathy is to determine and treat the restrictions in mobility that may have an impact on the entirety…

ear infections

Does Your Child Suffer From Ear Infections?

Why is it that children seem so much more likely than adults to get the classic middle ear infection? The answer to this question lies in the anatomical differences of the shape of the skull between babies and adults. As a baby develops, the first priority is always the growth…