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Welcome to Vitality

Vitality Therapy provides a unique approach to healing the human body. Our objectives are to address the root causes of pain and not just the symptoms. Our qualified staff includes medical professionals that work together to provide the most appropriate rehabilitation methods for each individual patient.

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How to Reduce Stress with Breathing

I would argue that most of us have forgotten how to breathe the way we were designed to breathe. We are instead breathing with short shallow breaths high up in our chest called clavicular breathing. Rather than clavicular breathing we should be using our diaphragms to breathe. One of the…

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The Impact of Osteopathy on Concussions

What is the impact of osteopathy on concussions? There is a growing trend of Concussions that seems to be getting worse and worse every year.  We see more people suffering from concussion symptoms due to various head traumas and I wanted to shed some light on how osteopathy and different…


Vitality’s Fall Detox

The end of summer is here and kids are back to school. Pretty soon the leaves will be on the ground and we will be outside prepping for winter and doing our fall clean-up.  We, here at Vitality, have decided to do a Fall Clean up of our own and starting…