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Welcome to Vitality

Vitality Therapy provides a unique approach to healing the human body. Our objectives are to address the root causes of pain and not just the symptoms. Our qualified staff includes medical professionals that work together to provide the most appropriate rehabilitation methods for each individual patient.

Bad Posture is the Root of Chronic Pain

Bad posture is becoming a problem for most people because our lives have become far too sedentary. On average people sit 67 hours a week due to desk jobs and other technologies in our life. If you don’t use it, you lose it. This significant amount of inactivity causes our…

Is The Pain All In Your Head?

The human body is a very interesting machine, made up of a multitude of interconnecting parts. Here at Vitality we make it a point to explain the “ROOT CAUSE” of why something has broken down and pain has reared its ugly head. The ultimate thrill of my job is figuring…

herniated discs

How We Treat Herniated Discs

WHAT IS A HERNIATED DISC? A disc becomes herniated when the intervertebral disc (the cushion in between the vertebrae) is injured. The middle portion of that disc is then pushed out, which in turn causes pain and irritation in the spinal nerves. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF A HERNIATED DISC?…